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Grand Master Dr. Martin Sewer
Martin Sewer is one of the few western students to have learnt his martial arts the traditional way in Hong Kong.
His martial arts career began at the age of seven with judo, before moving on to karate, jiu-jitsu and boxing. It was only later then he discovered Chinese martial arts. He practiced various styles and travelled to China before meeting his future Master, the Grand Master Chiu Chi Ling.
 He took him into his inner circle of students, and taught him the art of Hung Gar kung fu, offering him support along the way. Martin Sewer visited the school of the Grand Master Dr. Chiu Chi Ling, who is the current patriarch of Hung kung fu, more than 40 times. In addition to gaining expertise in kung fu, his extended stays in China and intensive studies allowed Martin Sewer to obtain broad knowledge of the country’s culture, philosophy, history and medicine. In 1992, he passed the exam to become a Master with Chiu Chi Ling in the presence of the Grand Masters Chiu Kow and Shiu Ying, who themselves were students of the renowned Grand Master Lam Sai Wing.
Martin Sewer became the President of the Swiss arm of the “International Chiu Chi Ling Hung Gar Kung Fu Association” and in 1993 founded the “Kung Fu Schule Martin Sewer” (English: Martin Sewer Kung Fu School”), which now boasts nine branches.He is the author of numerous articles and books and holds lectures and seminars as well as refereeing at tournaments. His untiring commitment to Hung Gar kung fu has received international recognition in the form of various honorary doctorates and other awards.
In 2011, Martin Sewer received his eighth dan from Grand Master Dr. Chiu Chi Ling, who has also appointed him as his successor as the head of the Hung kung fu family.
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