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DSC_0044Private lessons and coaching provide training which may be structured on an individual basis and can focus on either mental or physical aspects. You get the opportunity to gain specific knowledge and receive training for your particular needs.

The coaching sessions not only demonstrate different techniques, but also reveal the principles and thoughts behind them that draw on experience spanning thousands of years as well as the treasures of Chinese medicine, philosophy and martial arts. These theoretical and practical elements complement each other, making surprising aspects understandable (or even obvious).

Coaching is primarily aimed at individuals. It is suitable for managers, athletes, martial-arts beginners and experts and everybody who wants to widen their horizons, test their limits or seek the meaning life. Coaching is also ideal for those interested in improving their fundamental knowledge and experience or who simply want to be healthy and satisfied with their lives.

Examples of possible topics and content:

  • Universal defence and attack strategies and principles (that can also be applied outside the realm of martial arts)
  • Self-defence
  • Motivation
  • Handling stress or emergencies
  • Nutrition and physical fitness
  • Mental strength and health
  • Chinese medicine, philosophy and culture
  • Hung Gar kung fu in all its facets (various forms, weapons, areas of application, principles)

Martin Sewer provides private lessons by appointment in Wil and Zurich. Coaching is also provided by experienced students of Martin Sewer who are trained instructors.

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact Grand Master Martin Sewer. Contact